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I'm Lycan, a musician, gamer and a furry. I like to think of my work as a story, and appreciate all of my metaphorical readers. ^W^

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Going on (another) hiatus, plus more updates

Posted by LycanOfficial - July 18th, 2021

So, I decided I want to go on hiatus from releasing new music indefinitely. Probably for just a few weeks, but may be longer. It's just that I got a lot of big questions in life that I need to figure out answers to, like what am I about and what do I want for ME in life. Because I've been running around for about 3 years or so having no answers to these questions, instead only ever living for other people, and it ain't done my head any favors, to say the least. So I want to eliminate as many of my responsibilities as I can to give myself more time to think about this, and right now, releasing new music is the easiest one to take off the schedule. :/

In addition, not sure if I'm gonna do this temporarily or permanently, but for the time being at least, I am removing ALL of my music from use in Geometry Dash. I know, I ain't Xtrullor or Creo, so when I do it, nobody cares, but like Xtrullor, I too have honestly grown to despise the very same community my work depends on, and I wanna make a point of that. It's a great game in theory, but y'all have made for a toxic community on so many levels, and I'm hesitant to touch it with a 10 foot pole, to say the least. Come back to me about this game when y'all realize you elites at the game are the minority and not the majority, and that the other ~85% of players (and that's just among the Steam players) shouldn't be made to feel worthless for not being at a talent level that was top tier back when I started playing. And outta solidarity with people like Xtrullor? Also, come back to me when you realize the game serves the music artists' careers, not the other way around.


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Really can relate wth the last part. Honestly, newgrounds is the only reason the game is alive and the 9 year olds that make up the community just repeatedly shit on it and its artists (and anyone with a slightly lower skill level for that matter).